High School

High school curriculum in Dehong is an international high school course system customized for Dehong students. The curriculum integrates the ideas and approaches of university foundation courses suggested in International Baccalaureate Diploma Program(IB) with Shanghai High School Education Standards, leading students to world’s top ranked universities.

In addition to the six board course categories like language and literature, second language, math, experimental science, society and individuals, computer or art, high school students also need to learn epistemology, participate in innovative activities and service projects, and write academic research papers on chosen topics.

Supported by the strong and mature university matriculation counselling system in sister school, Dehong provides a 5-year course on matriculation guidance from year 7 onwards. The course includes matriculation exams guidance, essay writing exercise, advise on choosing universities and majors, alumni experience sharing, etc. The extensive network of DCI group enabled us to bring top university resources to each and every student, so that they can take time to discover themselves, know the universities, plan their future, make the best choice for themselves and lay solid foundation for future success in universities.